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Super Junior's Chinese sub-unit

Super Junior M
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Super Junior Mandarin random posts, downloads and more ♥ (members only)
♥Welcome to Super Junior M!♥

Super Junior's awesome Chinese sub-group:
Super Junior Mandarin

Official debut: 04-08-2008


Han Geng - Chinese
Choi Siwon - Korean
Lee Donghae - Korean
Kim Ryeowook -Korean
Cho Kyuhyun - Korean
Lau Henry - Chinese
Zhou Mi - Chinese

SJM@lj...for your random need of SJM love =)
Evil anti-ZhouHen creatures: no bashing gtfo.

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mochiadayYour daily dose of the cutie with talent; Henry Lau.
gentlemimiadayDedicated in supplying you with your daily dose of Zhou Mi.


Simple community rules:

▲No offensive entries. (Will be deleted)
▲All entries should be related to Super Junior M or any of its members.
▲If you feel like it -> SPAM your fanheart out~
▲When posting wallpaper, icons, video, scans etc, you must fully credit the maker/uploader.
▲Use LJ cuts if your post contains more than two pictures.
▲Use tags.